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Automatically Combine Melt + Solution Electrospinning!!!

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Set to revolutionize the way nanofibers are produced


The perfect tool for researchers
With our full scientific support

  • Enables the creation of 3D structures with the state of the art nanofibers at an extremely competitive price.
  • Developed by CIC nanoGUNE, a Research Centre with more than 70 scientists from over 25 countries.
  • A team of scientists is available to support you creating nanofibers based on any material.

A brand new concept
Industry 4.0

  • The last Industry 4.0 technology provides a simple and versatile tool to easily control all parameters involved in the electrospinning process.
  • Electrospinning with 3D printing techniques and control.
  • A new level of expertise given to nanofiber fabrication.
  • Simple fabrication of nanofiber-based 3D structures.

Rapid prototyping
3D nanoFibers!

  • We do know about machines, but also, we do know about advanced materials and physics.
  • A community of users is keen on sharing their experience.
  • New concepts, new models = new open innovation.
  • With our full support and a complete set of documentation.

Novaspider ProLab3D

  Technical Specifications     Optional Accessories  
Fiber diameters:       50nm-10microns
Voltage range:         Highly stable 0-30 kV
Spinning distance:     Automatic adjustment (0-210 mm)
Flow rate:           Automatic control 0.01-1000 ml/h
Nozzles:           Interchangeable 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mm diameter
Standard collector:   250x250mm heating collector plate (RT-100ºC)
Nozzle holder:         Easy and safe
Build volume:       X250 x Y200 x Z210 mm
Control interface:     User friendly SCADA touch panel
Remote control:     Mobile and online visualization and control
Illumination:        Led light
Safety:             Certified high voltage contact secure protection
Installation:         Easy installation and use with our full support
        Exchangeable additional collectors:
                - Drum collector
        Nozzle options:
                  - Co-Axial nozzle system
                  - Multiple nozzle system
       Controlled atmosphere:
                  - Air extraction
                 - Temperature control
                 - Humidity control

                 Additional Capabilities
       - Solvent-free electrospinning special extruder
       - Dual 3D additive + electrospinning printing
       - Larger volume machine. Spinning distance 0-350mm

Technical Specifications

Fiber diameters: 50nm-10microns.
Highly stable voltage range 0-30 kV.
Spinning distance automatic adjustment (0-210mm).
Standard heating collector plate (RT-100ºC).
Nozzle holder: Easy and safe.
Control interface: User friendly SCADA touch panel.
Mobile and online remote visualitation and control.
Certified high voltage contact safety protection.
Easy installation and use with our full support.

Optional Accessories

Exchangeable additional collectors
Nozzle options
Controlled atmosphere

Additional Capabilities

- Solvent-free electrospinning spetial extruder.
- Dual 3D additive + electrospinning printing.
- Larger volume machine. Spinning distance 0-350mm.


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